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Portugal Digital Summit'19

Accelerating the next edition of digital in Portugal

Welcome to Portugal Digital Summit 2019! Get your place now! Free registrations …

The most relevant national debate on Digital Transformation Society and Digital Economy in Portugal is back! October 22nd and 23rd, at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Lisbon – Book the date in your calendar and take advantage of free registrations here.

Come discover how to ACCELERATE THE NEXT VACANCY OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE ECONOMY AND SOCIETY IN PORTUGAL, meet the leaders, companies, ideal teams, new business models and the new generation of innovative products and services from Portugal and Germany. country of this year.

Discover what they have to offer you the 4 stages of this year, the more than 140 national and foreign speakers who will participate in more than 40 sessions dedicated to the main trends of digital transformation, exhibition space and establish contacts with more than 4,500 visitors / lecturers spiked in this year’s edition.

+ 140




+ 40




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“O que era uma ideia de meia dúzia de entusiastas há dezasseis anos atrás converteu-se numa revolução – a revolução digital. Há que louvar a ACEPI por ser pioneira e aproveitarmos a onda do digital”
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
“Acredito firmemente no papel desempenhado e a desempenhar pela ACEPI na potenciação e na dignificação da Economia Digital.”
Francisco Balsemão

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